Mersin Challenge Cup 2021 – WAG Recap

This weekend saw all the WAG finals for the Mersin Challenge Cup take place on Sunday 12th September. With a relatively small number of gymnasts taking part in qualifications, we had a mix of familiar faces on the World Cup circuit and some first and second year seniors with little competition experience vying for the … Continue reading Mersin Challenge Cup 2021 – WAG Recap

Elisabeth Seitz: “The all-around is my priority”

Elisabeth Seitz was beaming as she entered the mixed zone following the all-around competition in which she won the bronze medal. A Stuttgart local, like her teammate Kim Bui, she had an enormous amount of support from the audience throughout the competition, who were delighted to see her finish on the podium. The 25-year-old had … Continue reading Elisabeth Seitz: “The all-around is my priority”

Baku World Cup nominative entries

The list of entries for the World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan (14th-17th March), has been released and can be viewed here.  There are some big names on the nominative roster, including France's Coline Devillard and Marine Boyer, Great Britain's Dominick Cunningham and Courtney Tulloch, Israel's Alexander Shatilov and Artem Dolgopyat, the top Dutch MAG gymnasts, … Continue reading Baku World Cup nominative entries