DTB Pokal Team Challenge 2019 – The MAG Teams

The MAG teams for the DTB Pokal 2019 have just been confirmed and these are the line-ups: Belgium Ward Claeys Daan Kenis Takumi Onoshima Luka van Den Keybus Kimmy Verbaeys Brazil Francisco Barretto Junior Tomas Florencio Bernardo Miranda Caio Souza Arthur Zanetti France Kevin Antoniotti Antoine Borello Kevin Carvalho Paul Degouy Jim Zona Germany I … Continue reading DTB Pokal Team Challenge 2019 – The MAG Teams

Baku World Cup nominative entries

The list of entries for the World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan (14th-17th March), has been released and can be viewed here.  There are some big names on the nominative roster, including France's Coline Devillard and Marine Boyer, Great Britain's Dominick Cunningham and Courtney Tulloch, Israel's Alexander Shatilov and Artem Dolgopyat, the top Dutch MAG gymnasts, … Continue reading Baku World Cup nominative entries