Upcoming competitions

The season is off to a start in Europe with the Cottbus World Cup, scheduled for 24th-27th February. Over a hundred gymnasts are registered for the event, including Olympic MAG floor champion Artem Dolgopyat and 2021 Worlds balance beam silver medallist Pauline Schaefer-Betz.

The Doha World Cup takes place on 2nd-5th March, with a considerable number of European gymnasts on the roster, such as Russia’s Viktoriia Listunova and Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan.

The next month sees a number of competitions in the United Kingdom – Scottish Championships in Perth on 26th-27th February, Welsh Championships in Cardiff on 26th-27th February, and English Championships in Ilford on 11th-13th March.

The weekend of 11th-12th March will see the second Italian Series A meet in Turin, with the Cairo World Cup scheduled for 17th-20th March.

Finally, the Stuttgart World Cup and DTB Team Challenge will return for the first time since 2019, taking place on 18th-20th March, with participating gymnasts to be announced shortly.

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