Stuttgart World Cup (podium training) – Elisabeth Seitz interview

How was podium training today?

ELISABETH: For me, podium training went well. I feel really good after the bronze medal at the World Championships, like extremely good, like I’m 18 again! (Laughs) Tomorrow I want to show some new skills and I want to do my Yurchenko double again. It’s the first time in six years that I’m doing it, so I’m really excited. Yeah, I’m happy to be competing again in Stuttgart, as it’s my hometown.

You said you’re not going to Europeans this year because you’re focusing on school, or…?

ELISABETH: No, I’m just focusing on the World Championships. I’m twenty-five years old (laughs) so I have to be careful with my body. So I decided to do this World Cup and I did a team competition for my hometown and I’m also doing the Superstars of Gymnastics next week and after that, I have one week off and then I’ll just focus on the World Championships.

Have you decided what you’re going to do at the gala yet or is it going to be a last minute thing?

ELISABETH: (Laughs) Yeah, kind of a last minute thing. We’ll have a lot of fun!

Thank you and best of luck with tomorrow’s competition!

ELISABETH: Thank you!





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