Stuttgart World Cup interview: Lorette Charpy (FRA)

We got to spend a few minutes with Lorette following her wonderful performance at the Stuttgart World Cup and she talked about how her competition went, almost medalling and future upgrades (interview done in French and translated)

How was the competition today for you?

LORETTE: It was pretty good. I know I still need to fix a lot of things, continue to work hard and raise my difficulty to be able to get higher scores while still maintaining the same quality…just keep working hard.

You almost medalled today. How does that feel?

LORETTE: I knew it was going to be difficult to get onto the podium because I’m lacking in difficulty, but I tried to do my best all the way through.

Was it a surprise to see the result?

LORETTE: I was in the first group on bars and beam and then when I was in the second group for floor, I was really happy because it meant I’d gone up the rankings and …. yeah!

Are you planning any upgrades in the near future?

LORETTE: Maybe change my floor choreo, try to add something but not too much, continue to work hard in training, then I have the European Championships in a month and I don’t think I’ll change the content (of my routines), just continue to train.

Thank you very much!

LORETTE: Thank you!

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