Swiss Cup interview: Elisabeth Seitz

We were lucky enough to get a few moments with Elisabeth Seitz following her spectacular winning performance at the Swiss Cup, and here’s what she had to say:

Congratulations on your performance today! How did you feel when you were competing? Did you expect the result to be what it was?

ELISABETH: No! I saw the athletes performing here before the competition…I saw this and I just thought, it’s hard to win here because they’re all world class gymnasts…

Like you!

ELISABETH: (laughs) Yeah, but some have more medals at Europeans, World Championships and Olympic Games, so I thought it could be extremely hard, and it was hard, because we had to do it extremely good, but Marcel and I did a great job and now we’re very happy and I think we both felt good. Marcel  (Nguyen – her competition partner) had three competitions this week. He was at the Arthur Gander and also Bundesliga for his German team and today the Swiss Cup. Before the competition today, he said that he’s a little tired, but I think that nobody saw that. He did a great job and yeah, for me, it was the first competition after the World Championships and I just felt good and I’m happy that I could perform here again and it was a great performance!


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