Swiss Cup Interview: Pablo Braegger

We were able to have a quick chat with Pablo after the competition and here’s what he had to say regarding his performance, his health, future upgrades and his tactic for the competition:

How did you feel today about your performance in the competition?

PABLO: I was quite satisfied. My performance was OK. I didn’t fall on the apparatus, so I’m quite happy with that. Of course, I was a little tired after a hard or tough season, but I think it’s OK and the team did well. We got tenth place, it’s OK (laughs). I think in the future, we can improve on that, but quite happy with that.

You’ve had some injuries this year…I believe you had a finger injury and were also recovering from a knee surgery. How is that all going?

PABLO: It’s going great, even after a tough season. I’m happy with that and I’m feeling healthy, but I need to improve my physical condition, but I think next year will be good, yeah.

Do you have any upgrades planned on any apparatus?

PABLO: We’ll see, because now we have some time to try some new elements and do them in the exercise, so we’ll see how that goes, and I hope that I’ll stay healthy so that I can improve my skills. We’ll see next year.

OK, and one last question. I’m just wondering why you chose not to do high bar in the competition today?

PABLO: I would have done high bar in the semi-final, but eh…I think on p-bars I get a way higher score at the moment, so it was quite a tactic to do it that way, but I think it was the best way to plan it, but unfortunately we didn’t get to the semi-final.

Well, hopefully we’ll get to see your high bar again soon! 

PABLO: Maybe, yeah!

Thank you so much and good luck with your training

PABLO: Thank you very much!

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