Switzerland’s Braegger to miss European Championships

The Swiss federation has announced that reigning European high bar champion, Pablo Braegger, will miss this year’s European Championships in Glasgow due to several injuries. Braegger underwent knee surgery a few months back and suffered a finger injury in May which left him unable to train properly. While this setback has undoubtedly come as a blow to the 25-year-old, who had a great deal of success in 2017, he is aiming to be back in time for Worlds in October. Braegger’s teammate Christian Baumann will also miss the European Championships because of a stress fracture in his wrist.

So who can we expect to see in Glasgow? Oliver Hegi has been looking quite strong recently, with a new Deff skill on high bar. While he fell on it at the recent Koper World Cup, we saw him training it at home in Switzerland and it looked pretty consistent. Eddy Yusof should be a strong contender, as usual. Taha Serhani medalled in Osijek, as did Benjamin Gischard in Koper, and we’ve also seen Henji Mboyo, Marco Rizzo, Sascha Coradi and Moreno Kratter at World Cup events this season. Watch this space!

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