Upcoming competitions

As we’re already halfway through the year, we thought we’d take a look at some of the bigger competitions which will be happening over the next few months.

The next competition is the Mediterranean Games, taking place in Tarragona, Spain from 23rd to 26th June. We can expect to see some top gymnasts from a variety of countries in the Mediterranean area, with qualifications happening over the weekend and finals on Monday and Tuesday. You can still buy tickets here. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to attend in person, you can watch the livestream on the Olympic Channel website.

The Russian Cup is taking place in Chelyabinsk from 4th-7th July, the Mersin Challenge Cup in Mersin, Turkey from 6th-8th July and the Italian Championships on the 7th and 8th July. The biggest event of this summer will of course be the European Championships in Glasgow, from 2nd-12th August, with the women’s competition taking place during the first week and the men’s competition taking place during the second.

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